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Advanced Digital Projection
Showcase XPLUS Laser

What is XPlus Laser?

Showcase XPlus Laser is our proprietary large-format auditorium featuring Dolby Atmos™ sound and the most advanced digital projection and screen technology. XPlus Laser offers a premium cinema experience with immersive sound, crystal clear projection and reserved seating.

Showcase XPlus Laser
Xplus Auditorium
Showcase XPlus Laser

Laser Projection & Screen

Ultrasharp image quality
Vibrant color accuracy
Ultimate brightness
Brightest and sharpest 3D experience
Super-reflective screens for maximum brightness

Dolby Atmos™ Sound

Dolby Atmos™ sound is the most significant development in cinema audio since the arrival of surround sound. Dialogue follows characters. Sound effects track with camera pans. Ambient sounds envelop the audience.

The result: more powerful storytelling.

For the first time, you’ll hear the whole picture.

Dolby Atmos Sound
Xplus Laser
Xplus Laser