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It's going to be a thrilling ride!
Pathaan (Hindi w/English Subtitles)
2h 45m
Relationship Status(es): It's complicated.
Maybe I Do
1h 55m
Find out what kind of a creature you really are.
Infinity Pool
2h 5m
Your Mind is the trap
2h 0m
Enter the red zone on January 28 for a sneak preview with throwback pricing!
80 for Brady Sneak Preview
2h 0m
February 9 be the first to see
Magic Mike's Last Dance
2h 0m
Jack and Rose back on the big screen for a limited time!
Titanic (25th Anniversary)
3h 35m
Round up your BFFs for a huddle on January 31.Special Throwback Pricing
80 for Brady BFF Night Out
1h 55m
time to start searching
2h 0m
Witness the beginning of a new dynasty.
Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
2h 25m
Survive together or die alone
2h 5m
The Final Tease!
Magic Mike's Last Dance
2h 0m
Calling all ARMYs out there! Tickets are on sale now!
BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas
1h 45m
An epic adventure awaits.
Avatar: The Way of Water
3h 35m
a decision is made that will change the fate of the world
Knock at the Cabin
2h 0m
Support Variety – the Children’s Charity by purchasing a gold heart pin at the box office.
Avatar: The Way of the Water Limited Edition Gold Pin
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