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Alexa, open Showcase Cinemas


The Showcase Cinemas voice skill for Amazon Alexa allows moviegoers to hear about nearby movies and showtimes.

The first time you use the Showcase Cinemas Ticket Skill, tell your Alexa device to “start Showcase Cinemas.” From then on just ask Alexa to “open Showcase Cinemas”.

Showcase Cinemas voice skill

Voice Activated Showtimes

Select your favorite Showcase theater and Alexa will remember your choice for your next session. Alexa will list the current films playing at that theater. Once you select the film, she will list the showtimes for the day of your choice.

You can also search by film title to find the closest theater playing the film you are interested in.

Enjoy the hands free, voice activated Showcase Alexa experience.

Voice Activated Showtimes
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