Open captioned text projected on the screen for everyone to see
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Open Caption

Movie presentations that utilize open captioning display dialogue and sound descriptions onscreen in text throughout the movie. Films featuring open captioning are designated with an OC next to the film title on the theater showtimes page.

Open Caption Image of Ralph breaks the Internet

Showcase Cinemas Providence Place, Warwick and Warwick Mall present select films with open captioning.

Providence Place Cinemas 16 and IMAX

Open Caption Schedule

13-Feb-19 Spider-Man: Into the Spider verse 315p
14-Feb-19 Glass 1210p
15-Feb-19 What Men Want 12p
16-Feb-19 Prodigy 1215p
17-Feb-19 Cold Pursuit 1215p
18-Feb-19 What Men Want 705p
19-Feb-19 Miss Bala 620p
20-Feb-19 Glass 305p
21-Feb-19 Prodigy 1215p

Showcase Cinemas Warwick, Quaker Lane

Open Caption Schedule

13-Feb-19 Glass 1240p
14-Feb-19 Star is Born 245p
15-Feb-19 Spider-Man: Into the Spider verse 3p
16-Feb-19 Mary Poppins 1220p
17-Feb-19 Green Book 1245p
18-Feb-19 Star is Born 620p
19-Feb-19 Prodigy 750p
20-Feb-19 Glass 330p
21-Feb-19 Green Book 1245p

Showcase Cinemas Warwick Mall

Open Caption Schedule

13-Feb-19 What Men Want 1p
14-Feb-19 Upside 910a
15-Feb-19 Bohemian 3p
16-Feb-19 Glass 1245p
17-Feb-19 Mary Poppins 1145a
18-Feb-19 Upside 610p
19-Feb-19 What Men Want 650p
20-Feb-19 Prodigy 310p
21-Feb-19 Cold Pursuit 1250p