Movie Ticket Deals: Bargain Tuesdays | Showcase Cinemas

Looking for a bargain? Bargain Tuesday admission is $8.50*  

Bargain Tuesdays discount admission applies to all movies.  *Admission for XPlus, IMAX®, IMAX® 2D, IMAX® 3D, and Digital 3D formats is $10.50.
*Admission for MX4D format is $16.50.

Bargain Tuesday pricing excludes Lux Level performances, special events, holidays, and holiday evenings. Bargain Tuesdays is held at all locations except Showcase SuperLux in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Showcase Cinemas Bridgeport & Showcase Cinemas Fairfield $7.50 
  Digital 3D presentations $9.50

* Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux $6.50 Digital 3D presentations $8.50          Limited Time Only