Open captioned text projected on the screen for everyone to see
Open Caption

Open Caption

Movie presentations that utilize open captioning display dialogue and sound descriptions onscreen in text throughout the movie. Films featuring open captioning are designated with an OC next to the film title on the theater showtimes page.

Open Caption Image of Ralph breaks the Internet

Showcase Cinemas Providence Place, Warwick, and Warwick Mall present select films with open captioning.

Providence Place Cinemas 16 and IMAX

Open Caption Schedule

10/22/19 It Chapter Two 640pm
10/23/19 Joker 330pm
10/24/19 Abominable 1140am
10/25/19 Gemini Man 335pm
10/26/19 Joker 1235pm
10/27/19 Downton Abbey 1205pm
10/28/19 Hustlers 650pm
10/29/19 Zombieland: Double Tap 655pm
10/30/19 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 255pm
10/31/19 The Addams Family 1220pm

Showcase Cinemas Warwick, Quaker Lane

Open Caption Schedule

10/22/19 Abominable 7:35 PM
10/23/19 It Chapter Two 2:35 PM
10/24/19 Gemini Man 12:45 PM
10/25/19 Maleficent 350pm
10/26/19 Gemini Man 1245pm
10/27/19 Joker 1205pm
10/28/19 Downton Abbey 620pm
10/29/19 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 645pm
10/30/19 Joker 3pm
10/31/19 Abominable 1220pm

Showcase Cinemas Warwick Mall

Open Caption Schedule

10/22/19 Joker 6:35 PM
10/23/19 The Addams Family 150pm
10/24/19 Gemini Man 12:10 PM
10/25/19 Joker 330pm
10/26/19 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 1225pm
10/27/19 The Addams Family 1135am
10/28/19 Gemini Man 630pm
10/29/19 Downton Abbey 625pm
10/30/19 Zombieland: Double Tap 230pm
10/31/19 Joker 1145am