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Large Group Rentals

Watch brand new titles and Classic films in a private auditorium.

Meeting & Events @ Showcase

Have your meeting in comfortable reclining seats with the latest technology at your fingertips.

Special Value Private Screenings

See a matinee or weekday film for a special price.

special slide on the big screen
special slide on the big screen

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Stay Tunes for a New Movie Party!

Faith Films

Don't miss out on popular faith-based films.

Host a private theater buyout of an inspirational film.


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Faith Film at Showcase
Faith Film at Showcase
educational IMAX films
educational IMAX films

IMAX® Group Sales

Book an educational field trip!

See more, feel more and hear more with IMAX®. Groups can enjoy the latest releases as well as select from our educational library of IMAX® films - a great field trip option! 
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