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Sit back and relax! We’ll deliver your food and drinks to you!

Order from our menu via the Showcase app.
Ordering is available up to 1 hour into the feature.

If you purchased tickets on the app open your order and select ADD FOOD

If you are a Starpass member and purchased your tickets on our web site please follow these steps.

1. Log in to your Starpass account
2. When your booking appears select

STARPASS - it’s free and easy to join.
Starpass Free & Easy to Join

If you purchased tickets at the box office, kiosk or online please follow these steps.

1. Use filter button on bottom of screen to select your cinema location then save
2. Use the menu at the top left of the screen to select “Food & Drink”
3. Select the Cinema
4. Select “Delivery-Select Your Seat”
5. Select Your Movie and Showtime
6. Enter Your Row Letter and Seat Number at the Top of the Page
7. Place Your Order

Download the Showcase App!