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Sensory Sensitive Screenings

Sensory Sensitive Screenings

What does sensory sensitive mean? 
We understand and respect that for some people, going to the movies may be a challenge or nearly impossible. The darkness of the auditorium, the loud volume, the need to stay seated and the different immersive formats offered can be overwhelming for guests with sensory sensitivities. To make sure that all of your guests have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of seeing a movie in the cinema with their friends and family, you may book a sensoery sensative theater buyout and we will adjust the movie environment to make all your guest comfortable.

How will this screening be different than a regular movie screening? 
We want your guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the latest movies in a comfortable setting that meets their needs. The volume will be lowered, the lights will be kept on a dim setting throughout the movie, and there will not be any trailers prior to the start of the show. Your guests may get up, move around, and talk during the movie, as well as clap, dance and sing – whatever they need to do to feel comfortable and enjoy the movie-going experience. Fidgets and other sensory-friendly comfort items are also permitted for these screenings. 

How do I reserve a sensory sensitive screening?
Please fill out our group sales form and mention sensory sensitive in the comment section and a Showcase Cinemas representative will contact you to set up your screening.

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