Starpass FAQs

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How do I get my Starpass card?
You may pick up your Starpass card at the customer service desk or box office at a participating theatre.

What do I need to do after I get a card in theatre?
You must activate the card online to receive rewards offered through the program.

What if I forget both my Starpass card and my Starpass number?
If you forget your Starpass card and your Starpass number, our staff will be able to look your information up in the system. You may also email us at

Do I need to present identification when I use my Starpass card?
You do not need to present identification when using your Starpass card. Your Starpass card or Starpass number is all that we require.

Can I transfer my Starpass card to another family member or friend to use?
Your Starpass card is non-transferable.

How do I receive my Starpass Director sticker?
Once you accumulate 2,500 points and become a Starpass Director, visit our customer service desk at any participating theatre and ask for a Director sticker to adhere to your card.

What benefits do I receive when I reach Director Status?
You will receive one free refill on popcorn and soft drink purchases.  Simply present your Starpass card with a Director sticker and your original dated receipt to redeem this benefit.  Directors will receive a free fun sized candy with any popcorn and soft drink combo purchase.  Enjoy priority seating at Chatters and Studio 3 Restaurants.  Lastly, additional bonus points which will represent 10% of the eligible purchase amount will post to your account.

How do I get a new Starpass card if mine is lost or damaged?
You may obtain a replacement Starpass card from the customer service desk at any participating Starpass location. You will be required to present a photo ID to receive a replacement card. Your current point total and transaction history will transfer to the new card within 72 hours of the replacement card being issued.

How do I earn points?
Earning points is easy. You will earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases.

What do I get when I reach a qualifying point level?
When you reach a qualifying point level, your reward voucher will print automatically with your ticket or concessions receipt when purchasing in theatre.  If a qualifying point level is passed when purchasing tickets on, simply swipe your card at an automated kiosk or the box office to receive your reward vouchers.  Rewards include free popcorn, soft drinks and movie tickets and they may be used in conjunction with a subsequent purchase or transaction.

Do my reward vouchers have any Restrictions? 
Your Starpass reward vouchers must be redeemed at a participating Starpass location within 90 days from date of issue.  Starpass is not available at Showcase SuperLux.

A free movie ticket voucher is not valid for special engagements or those prohibited by contractual obligations.  Features playing in Director's Halls, Lux Level, IMAX, 3D and other presentations subject to a premium fee are not included in the admission provided by the ticket voucher.  All premium fees are the responsibility of the Starpass member.  MPAA rating guidelines apply.  Reward vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

How do I receive my free regular popcorn voucher for my birthday?
You must earn points on your card within 30 days after your birthday and your free regular popcorn voucher will print automatically with your ticket or concessions receipt when purchasing in theatre.  Please note that is voucher can be used immediately and expires within 30 days of the date of issue.

What rewards am I able to earn after I’ve accumulated 6,000 points?
After 6,000 points, the reward schedule restarts and a voucher will print with every 750 points earned.  For example, you'll receive a free popcorn at 6,750 points and a free movie ticket at 7,500 points.

Can I upgrade a free concessions item to a larger or different concessions item and pay the difference?
Your reward voucher is good only for the item printed on the voucher. It cannot be exchanged, upgraded, or redeemed for cash.

I made a purchase but forgot to show my Starpass card. Is there a way I can receive points for that purchase?
Unfortunately, we cannot credit you for past purchases.  Your Starpass card or number must go through the point of sale system BEFORE the transaction is completed to earn points.

Will I earn points at any National Amusements theatre? 
You may use your Starpass card to earn points and receive reward vouchers at participating theatres.  Starpass is not available at Showcase SuperLux.

Do I earn points for purchasing gift cards, gift packs, or prestige tickets at the theatre, online or through a third party?
You do not earn Starpass points for purchasing gift cards, gift packs, or prestige tickets. However, you will earn points for eligible ticket and concessions purchases paid for with gift cards, gift packs, and prestige tickets.

Do I receive points when making kiosk purchases?
Yes.  You do earn Starpass points when you make eligible purchases at the automated ticket and concession kiosks.  Please note that you must have your Starpass card to earn points for these purchases; you may not manually enter your Starpass number into the machines.

Do I receive points when making purchases on or the telephone?
Starpass members earn points for purchases on however they do not earn points for purchases made on the telephone.

What should I do if my points are not appearing on my online profile properly?
You may contact the customer service desk at the theatre that issued your card or submit your concern via email to Please provide your Starpass number, the theatre that issued your card, your full name, daytime phone number, and email address along with your specific concern.

Why do you ask for my email address?
By providing your email address, you will be eligible to receive promotional information and exclusive offers for Starpass members, We do not sell or distribute any personal information or email data.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email from you after I enrolled in Starpass?
If you have provided us with a valid email address and have not received an email from us, your email service provider might be blocking us as spam. Please add to your contacts list and notify us via email.