My First Movies 2014

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My First Movies is a giggly, wiggly playdate for toddlers!  My First Movies features interactive movies hosted live by the character Mitten the Kitten. Filled with singing, dancing, and educational elements, each presentation is engaging and exciting for young moviegoers! The program will end on Sunday, April 27th.  Tickets*:  Adults - $10.50  Children - $8.50

Trunk Tales:  Last Days: Saturday, April 26th & Sunday, April 27th @ 11:00 a.m.

The adventures of an Elephant tired of being grey.  He goes on a journey looking for colors and on his way meets many friends and learns that his happiness depends on what's inside him, not out. 

Blackstone Valley Broadway City Center 15
Island 16 Legacy Place Patriot Place
Revere Ridge Hill  

No passes, discounts, Prestige tickets or gift package redemptions will be accepted.  Please note that all children 12 months and older will be charged a full child’s admission price.

My First Movies content is produced and distributed by BabyFirst TV.  For questions and comments regarding this program, please visit